IU on Strike!

...We are not a student group.

The List

Preliminary Demands

  1. Immediately reduce tuition and eliminate fees.
  2. Stop Privatization and outsourcing at IU.
  3. End the wage freeze.
  4. The university must honor its promise to double the enrollment of African-American students to 8%.
  5. Abolish both HB1402 and SB590.
  6. No retaliation for participating in or organizing the strike.

Graduate Student Demands

  1. Oppose Rising Tuition and Student Debt
  2. Place a University-wide Cap on the Number of Students per Instructor
  3. Address the Demise of Tenure and Job Security
  4. Recognize Graduate Students as Employees
  5. Address the Current Lack of Representation under the Governing of the IU Board of Trustees
  6. No Reprisal for Cancelling Class on April 11th and 12th, 2013.

These demands are obviously not exhaustive - there’s no way to concisely communicate all the things that need to change at IU. These demands are a starting point, a spark to foster discussion and encourage action. These demands are made not just of the Board of Trustees, but of the entire state bureaucracy that the Board is a part of.

Since writing these up, there’s been a rebirth of activity on campus. The issues of massive student debt, hoosier-style racism, exploitation of workers, and the hollowing out of education in Indiana are getting too big to ignore. With an economy going nowhere fast and an administration in denial, the folks who make up Indiana University - the staff, faculty, and students - are taking matters into our own hands.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."