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They Want Us To Think The Money Isn’t There…

But it is. It’s just in their pockets.

 These are the top earners for this past year of 342 people listed as having salaries $200,000 and over:

Crean, Thomas A (all compensation) Head Coach Basketball $2,448,584

Wilson, Kevin R (all compensation) Head Coach Football $1,221,647

Mcrobbie, Michael A (all compensation) President $974,097

Glass, G F (all compensation)Athletics Director $556,967

Wilson, K R $511,000

Shiffrin, Richard (all compensation) $388,444

Theobald, N D Vice President & Chief Financial Officer $378,017

Robel, Lauren K (all compensation) Provost $374,072

Marshall, Edwin C (all compensation) Ofc Academic Supp & Diversity Vice President $364,138 Hieftje, Gary M (all compensation) $361,613

Smith, D C $360,673

Venkataramanan, Munirpallam A (all compensation) Vice Chancellor $357,587

Graham, John D (all compensation) Dean $353,543

Kesner, Idalene F (all compensation) Dean $352,573

Morrison, Thomas (all compensation) Vp For Capital Projects $337,479

Hites, Ronald A (all compensation) $336,181

Carmines, Edward (all compensation) $330,815

Wang, Z $330,000

Applegate, John S (all compensation) Vice President $327,255

Smith, Daniel C (all compensation) $326,918

Applegate, J S $324,799

Podsakoff, Philip M (all compensation) Kelley School Of BusinessDirector $324,120

Kesner, I F $320,112

Soni, Ashok K (all compensation) Kelley School Of BusinessAssociate Dean $319,691

Source: http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/data/salaries/?ename=&edept=&yeardrop=2012&sortdrop=salary&esal_lo=200000&esal_hi=&empldrop=&go=Search&task=search

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    I am straining to find justification for paying a basketball coach $2.5 million dollars when the majority of students...
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